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Saturday, March 6, 2010
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Because we understand your needs

Car  Loan  (without taking your car)
Car Loan (without taking your car)
Have a car and need quick cash? Get a fast-approved loan without leaving your car!

OFW   Loan
OFW Loan
Are you an OFW leaving soon?
Get a loan for your placement fee or other needs in 1 day!

Seaman's  Loan
Seaman's Loan
Are you a seaman leaving now?
Get cash for your family or other needs in 1 day or less!

OFW Migrant  Loan
OFW Migrant Loan
Borrow from anywhere in the world!
Get cash in 24 hours through your spouse or relative!

Business  Loan
Business Loan
Need extra capital for that big order or expansion?
Get a business loan now!

Corporate  Loan
Corporate Loan
Get the extra cash you need to help your corporation grow!

Doctor's  Loan
Doctor's Loan

Salary Loan
Salary Loan
Need a little more now for emergencies?
Advance your salary with a loan!

Salary Loan  for Call Center Employees
Salary Loan for Call Center Employees
Working in a call center, and have an emergency?
Get our salary loan for call center employees!

Tuition Fee  Loan
Tuition Fee Loan
Kids going back to school, and you are short on cash?
Avail of our TFL for that extra help!

Car Loan  Impounding
Car Loan Impounding
Need cash within the day?
Leave your car with us, and get your loan even faster!

Second-Hand  Car Financing
Second-Hand Car Financing
Need a little more for a second-hand car?
GD can help with that!

Car Loan  (Take Out) OR/CR
Car Loan (Take Out) OR/CR
Want to pay off your previous lender?
Clear your balance and get extra cash from us!

Brand-New  Motorcycle Financing
Brand-New Motorcycle Financing
Pagod na mag-commute? Kumuha na ng bagong motor

Taxi/PUV  Loan
Taxi/PUV Loan
Get extra cash while using your vehicle!
No need to leave your taxi or PUV. Tuloy ang pasada!

PUJ/Tricycle  Loan
PUJ/Tricycle Loan
Got a PUJ or a tricycle? Want more money while still earning?

Real Estate  Loan
Real Estate Loan
Use your property as collateral to get the financing you need!

Truck Loan
Truck Loan
Do you own a truck?
Use it as collateral without having to leave it with us!

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